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Hair Care

Hair: Services


Womens, Mens and Childrens cuts

All Over Color

This service is a one step color service going darker than pre-existing level or maintaining current level.

Root Retouch

This is a one step service coloring just the new growth, (covering grey or natural outgrowth) going darker or maintaining current level.

Partial Foil/Area Foil

This is a foiling service using up to 10 Foils focusing on one desired area, typically the front hair line or the part section.

Half Foil

This is a foil service using up to 25 foils on the top sections of the head. everything you would see when your hair is down.

Full Foil

This is a foil service covering sections from every part of the head.


This is a service typically using the technique of painting on sections of lightness from the whole head, while maintaining a lived in look.

A huge benefit of balayage is the naturally blended look between your color and roots, leading to less noticeable growth. This service is ideal for clients wanting a lower maintenance color, or who don't often frequent the salon.

Color Melt

This service is a technique used to blend out previous highlights, or lightness through the root area, to achieve a more natural lived in look and a soft blend to lighter ends.

Deep Condition/Hair Treatment

The stylists at The Parlour Salon & Spa offer a variety of different moisturizing and Bond-Building Treatments to help nourish and protect the integrity and strength of your hair.

Brazilian Blowout Treatment

This is a smoothing treatment that improves the condition go the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. This treatment helps fight humidity, cut drying and styling time down dramatically to help achieve and maintain and smoother style. When followed with proper at home care, results will last up to 12 weeks.

Brazilian Blowout Express Treatment

Using intuitive smoothing technology and amphoteric cleansers this treatment smooths and cleanses in one step to deliver 4 weeks of smooth, frizz free hair, in 60 minutes!


Special occasion hair; can be styled down, half up or fully up. (Ex. Prom, Weddings, etc.)

*Please bring inspiration pictures for any style appointment!


A great way to add length, thickness, color or all the above! Please call for a consultation prior to service so we can pick the right stylist and extension method to suit your desired outcome!

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