Nail Care


Mens Pedicure

Serviced by Jessica and Alex

Womens Pedicure

Service by Jessica and Alex
Womens Pedicure includes polish, Mens pedicure does not.

Regular Manicure

Serviced by Jessica and Alex.
Our Manicures include cuticle work, nail shaping, a massage, and regular self dry/ laquer polish.

UV Manicures

Serviced by Jessica and Alex.
This is a Manicure with UV Gel Polish

Mens Manicure

Serviced by Jessica.
This Manicure includes trimming and cleaning the nails, and cuticle work.

Acrylic Dip Manicure

Serviced by Jessica

Apres Nail Extensions

Serviced by Jessica.

Sculpted Gel Nail Extensions

Serviced by Alex

Uv Gel Removal

This is a stand alone treatment for feet or hands, needing to remove previous gel polish.

IBX Treatment

Serviced by Jessica.
This is a treatment that helps strengthen your nails.

Kids Manicure/Pedicure

Serviced by Jessica. 
This is a manicure or pedicure for children under the age of 12.

Polish Change

Serviced by Jesica.
This is for hands and feet, to remove previous color, and refresh with a new color without the extras of a full manicure or pedicure service.

Finger Nail/Toe Nail Trim

Serviced by Jessicca.
This service is to trim and file the nails only.

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