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Cosmetic and Peri-Medical Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattooing: Services


Microblading is a treatment to create a naturally fuller and shapelier set of brows.

Microblading is not a tattoo; it is a semi-permanent procedure with a hand tool used to artfully scratch pigment into the skin to simulate natural looking hairs, adding contrast and structure. Microblading and shading techniques add the addition of softly shaded pigments between microbladed hairs for extra dimension and fullness.

Because the pigment does not penetrate deeply, this is ideal for clients who do not want a permanent commitment.

Touch ups are recommended every 1-3 years for long term results.

Initial price includes 2 sessions.

*Please avoid Ibuprofen/Aleve for 5 days prior to each session.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Consultation Required.
A digital method of pigmentation that produces the natural appearance of hair follicles at the scalp. This is ideal for both men and women dealing with balding, thinning or alopecia, wanting a fuller looking head of hair or hairline.


Service includes options for upper liner, lower liner, or both.

Permanent eyeliner is ideal for anyone wanting to wake up looking fresh and bright eyed. This look is created with the application of pigments within the lashline to provide an enhancement of the eye and lashes.

*This service includes an additional "perfection" session between 6 weeks and 2 months out.

Lip Liner

Services for lips include Lip Liner and Full Lip applications.

These procedures enhance the shape, fullness and color of the lips as lip color fades with age.

*This service includes an additional "perfection" session between 6 weeks and 2 months out.

Freckles & Beauty Marks

Look sun kissed without the damage of sun. Together, you and the tattoo specialist will design the placement of natural looking marks that compliments your natural skin tone. This is a semi-permanent treatment that can naturally fade away at the clients preference.

Scar Camouflage

Consultation required - scars must be at least 1 year old.

This procedure can help to improve the appearance of irregular texture and color of scars and stretch marks. A variety of treatments are available to address your unique situation.

Areola Restoration

Consultation Required, must be 1 year post OP.
Ideal for women post cancer reconstruction and anyone wanting more defined color and a more natural appearance. This procedure is completely personalized to each women's specific wants and desired outcome.

Body Art Tattoo

Our tattoo artist Cheryl will work with you to create a custom tattoo or modify an inspiration that you bring her.  Please contact her directly by text at (952) 221-3589 to discuss the desired tattoo so we can book for time accordingly. Many tattoo sessions take more than the 2 hours automatically set for this appointment type, so you will need to communicate with her before booking to guarantee the proper time is available.

A deposit of $50 is required for design set up.  This can be paid to Cheryl Shohet by Venmo, cash or check (cash/check can be dropped off at The Parlour). The Parlour cannot take credit card deposit for tattoos, Cheryl processes this fee individually.

Tattoo Removal

This is a manual method of tattoo removal that includes the use of a saline solution to bind to the pigments, break them down, and gently draw them out. This treatment is less costly and painful than laser tattoo removal.

*This service is a manual removal of tattoos; multiple sessions may be required.


Consultation are available free of charge in-house and over the phone or FaceTime. Cheryl can be reached via text message at 

(952) 221-3589.  

Most clients do not need a consultation; microblading (brows), lips and eyeliner have a built-in consult at the time of the appointment.  

Other treatments such as tattoo*, tattoo removal, scar repair, scalp pigmentation and breast cancer reconstruction do require a prior consult. 

*Tattoo designs require a $50 deposit to be venmoed directly to Cheryl. You can text her at (952) 221-3589 to connect.

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